Here are some of the things people are saying about Kodoja!


” So, it is with great reverence for Kubrick’s work that I compare Kodoja to it…It is the place of Art, not all art to challenge conventional thought and I am happy to see Kodoja: Terror Mountain Showdown follow in a strong tradition of doing this.” See the full review at

” I like this because it’s not your traditional Kaiju story.  Yes they’ve created one and the military in their infinite wisdom and arrogance think they can control it is a wonderful starting point there are multiple stories happening within that Keith will weave together.  This is what I love because you have no idea what’s connected to what yet and while you can think up vague ideas you won’t be quite sure if that’s what Keith will do.  ” See the full review at Reading With a Flight Ring

Kodoja Terror Mountain Showdown is a fresh comic that throws things back to a different time when giant monsters ruled the roost.” See the full review at Omnicomic

“Rory Smith’s artwork is gritty, raw, and insanely beautiful in its composition.  It captures the chaos that is about to ensue on perfect detail and captures the movement of the action with precise fluidity.” See the full review at Sensical Prattlings

“The cover art is by Elroy Jenkins and I found it to be almost expressionistic in nature. The images seem to be very thoughtfully chosen to convey a building sense of horror and the color palette likewise. Now this is just the cover art. The interior artist is Rory Smith and inside the comics are all black and white. I love black and white art. I find the artwork in the comics really manages to create that sense of a Kaiju story. The layout of each page is very clever and used as much to tell the story as the graphics themselves.” See the full review at FanGirlNation

“Artistically, Rory Smith really did the book justice. The art is very sketchy and raw, but that’s perfect for this book. You really get a sense of all the mass hysteria when the beast is smashing everything in its path by the way that Smith has drawn all of those scenes.” See the full review at Comic Attack

“Easier is assessing the artwork, of which Kodoja boasts particularly high quality. Behind Elroy Jenkins’ more design-oriented cover, [Rory] Smith’s art has a great tactile, hand-made quality.” See the full review at Comic Book Resources

” I’m looking forward to getting a hold of the rest of the issues and finishing the story. There’s more! The comic can stand-alone but Foster wanted to take his creation to a new level. He also created a soundtrack for the comic that adds a feel of seventies jazz to that brings the world of Kodaja to life in a fantastic style. I had a chance to listen to the soundtrack first at the show and it definitely brings a cinematic feel to Kodoja. I really recommend checking this out if you get a chance.” See the full review at The Stone Legacy

“Kodoja is a fun giant monster conspiracy comic with art that feels like a unique mash up of Riley Rossmo and Mike Kunkel.” See the full review at Comics Dungeon

“What do giant monsters, comics and cool, groovy music all have in common? Well, in the case of the multimedia project Kodoja: Terror Mountain Showdown, quite a lot, actually.” See the full review at Giant Monsters Attack!

“This is what comes of adding darker orchestration to your seventies funk jams. Someone gets their doom on and before you know it, the big booty chicks in afros are out the window and it’s all eighty-storey mutant lizards biting skyscrapers in half and flattening cars with their big flapping feet.” See the full review at

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