The Creators


Keith is the writer of Kodoja. He has appeared on the Kaijucast multiple times and has hosted multiple Giant Monster panels at comic conventions.

Keith is also the guitarist in the band Big Pimp Jones, who provides the musical landscape for the Kodoja series.


Rory pencils, inks and letters the Kodoja comic and also draws, sketches and produces all other kinds of good stuff! We encourage you… no, demand you! To check out his work and drawings go to .


Lance Pilgrim is the art direction behind Kodoja covers as well as designing the art for Kodoja soundtracks and CDs.


Big Pimp Jones consists of Keith (guitar), Ruckus (Bass) and Frank (drums). The band writes and performs the music behind Kodoja, currently at three albums: Project:Kyojo (sold out), “Kodoja: Terror Mountain Showdown ” and “Kodoja: Sentient” – a soundtrack plus audio drama in one.


Hot Peas and Butta is the artist collective the Kodoja team is larger part of – a gathering that takes you back into time where Saturday morning cartoons and cereal was the most important part of the day, when 12 noon while you were out riding your bike your older brothers and sisters were watching Soul Train doing the latest moves. A time when the newest Shaw Brothers films played side by side in the theaters with The Mack and Godzilla flicks. Now that things are all grown up, Hot Peas and Butta has become like the house parties that your parents used to throw where friends would gather, drink, play cards and dance the entire night until the early morn.

RecordBreakin Music is a Philadelphia-based indie record label (and the label of Kodoja: Terror Mountain Showdown) started by tastemaker DJ Junior.

They have a straightforward approach to releasing quality new music with a soulful foundation. DJ Junior has been dropping soulful gems for some time now. Eavesdrop, his weekly radio show on WKDU 91.7FM (that he co-host with lil’ dave) is a staple for music heads tuning in for jazz, soul, hip hop, latin grooves, afro-beat, broken beat and everything in-between. Their focus has and always will be to present quality music to a culture that embraces it… and there’s much more to come.

9 thoughts on “The Creators

  1. Hello my name is Kevin Terry and I had a great time meeting you guys at alternative press expo. I really liked the idea behind this because we really don’t have giant monsters doing things like this anymore. It sort of died after Godzilla. Stopped by to say keep up the good work and I have some idea’s I would like to share as well if you had the time.

    Thanks for your time,
    Kevin Terry

    1. Hi Kevin, just catching up on everything here – I know I’m late here! Hope all is well, I like hearing anything and everything from people so drop me an email at krofunk at Hotmail dot com with anything on your mind. -Keith

  2. Hi Guys

    My name I Matt Dennion. I am an author who has published over 30 stories for both Black Coat Press and G-Fan Magazine. I know you guys are familiar with G-Fan and their Kaiju Tales component. I have been writing the Kaiju Tales section for over a year and half. Recently I had the idea of reaching out to authors/artists of various Kaiju novels and comic books about allowing me to do a story where there monster battles G-Fan’s own Gfantis. This format allows the authors to get free advertising of their creation in a magazine geared toward giant monster fans with little to no work on their part. So far we have the following Guest Monster’s confirmed to battle Gfantis

    Jeremy Robinon’s Nemesis (From his novels Project Nemesis, Project Maigo, and Project 731)
    King Komodo (From Todd Tennant’s and Mike Bouge’s Comic Tales of King Komodo)
    K.H. Koehler’s Raiju (From Her novel Raiju; A Kaiju Hunter Novel)
    Timothy Prices The Duke and Zargatron (From his Novel Big In Japan)

    I would like to do one more story to make a years worth of crossovers for G-Fan and I would love to use Kodoja for this project! You would have final say on the story if it comes to fruition) Of course KODOJA is your creation and I would more than understand if you like to pass on this offer, however if you are interested please let me know and I will sound a story outline. Thanks so much. Matt BTW sorry to post this here I could not find an email to contact you guys on the website.

  3. Hi. Just ordered the first five issues …. but forgot to ask you guys to sign them. Please do so if you can. Thanks! 🙂 mike

    1. Hi Mike! I dropped the comics in the mail Monday, Lance and Rory live on the other side of the country so only I signed them. Hope that works!

  4. Question, which is the true first Kodoja book published? what does the cover look like as I am collecting this series and yet online I am getting several versions that I am being told is the true first publication, Can you please help me with solving this?
    thanks, James

    1. Hi James, glad to help clear the air.

      In June 2012 we self-published Kodoja #1. The cover to it is tan with very dark brown pictures of Kodoja and jets. The title on the cover says ‘Kodoja Terror Mountain Showdown’. We then self-published issues 2-5 as well.

      The series was relaunched on 215 Ink as ‘Kodoja’ but with slightly different covers – similar to the self-published ones but with vertical kanji (and the 215 logo) on all covers.

      To directly answer your question, the ‘first’ series does not have Japanese writing on the cover and does not have the 215 ink logo. Hope that helps!


  5. yes, thank you so much Keith, your awesome for clearing that up for me, thanks so much. now I can buy the original prints.

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